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Repurposed Wood Studio

Functional Art from Reclaimed Wood

1143 yew 2020-05-24 16.09.28.jpg
1127 yew 2019-08-30 18.22.42.jpg

How to order

Contact me!

By phone or text:  503-927-3831





Stop by the studio in Bethany for a private showing 

I can quickly calculate shipping costs or you can arrange pick-up.

About Pricing:

Think affordable useful art..

All but a few of my many unique bowls are under $100   

Custom made one-of-a-kind Rolling pins $22-85.

Spoons $10-18.

Charcuterie Boards $22-125.

Pink Sugar
430 birch 2021-07-23 08.10.10.jpg

Wood is color touch shape and smell !

Looking at the pictures may give you a sense of the product shape and color, but seeing it in person lets you in on the intangibles.

'How does it smell??

How does it heft?

Just how smooth is it??

Every piece of wood tells a different tale.

 Did you know that fig wood smells like fig newtons when you turn it??

Or that paciifc yew is the smoothest wood imaginable right off the lathe??Leland cypress smells of cedar and lemons.

Deodar cedar smells so strong people come from down the street to the shop just to try it on!Cherry smells like Ludens cough drops (to my age group at least :-)  


Come delight in the wood with me at an upcoming event! 

Or text me and I'll meet you at my studio in Bethany for a private showing.

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